One Way Club Meeting Rooms:

The One Way Club has 2 dedicated private meeting rooms that are available for rentals. We also have a small room that is available for individual meetings with comfortable chairs and a small table.

Large Upstairs Meeting Room – $35.00/hour

Small Downstairs Meeting Room – $25.00/hour

Individual Meeting Room – Free to use for members only. Please note that this room is not available when the upstairs meeting room is in use. 

Large Upstairs Meeting Room:

The Large Meeting Room upstairs can seat 80-100 people comfortably. The room can be used in any formation needed with the following equipment provided with the room rental.

  • Chairs
  • 10 x 6 foot folding tables
  • Podium and Speaker System
  • Large Back Serving Counter
  • Men and Women’s Washrooms

Small Downstairs Meeting Room:

The small downstairs meeting area seats between 20-30 people maximum depending on seating arragements. This meeting room has access to chairs and tables and can be set up to suit your needs. Please note that this room shares bathrooms with the downstairs social area. 

Individual Meeting Room:

The upstairs small meeting space is a great place for our members to meet one on one. This is a great place to work on recovery work and talk with a friend. This room is free to use for our members. Please note that this room is not available during any of the upstairs large room rentals as this room also serves as wheelchair access to the large meeting space upstairs.