Covid-19 Re-Opening Plan & Information:

Please see below for the Letter to the Membership, answers to our FAQ’s, and the photos of our Meeting Room Set up to maintain recommended social distancing.

Letter to Our Membership:

Attention One Way Club Members and Groups:

We hope you are all staying well during these unprecedented times with Covid-19, and pray you and your family are safe and healthy. We, the Board, have been able to remain healthy so far and continue to meet virtually to maintain the building and to see how we can best serve you when we do return to operations. Like you, we miss the club immensely!

Recently the Province of BC has announced Phase 2 of the Restart Plan and the gradual reopening of some businesses is being outlined. Although we are eager to be open for meetings and fellowship, we must tread carefully; we do not want anyone to get sick from attending the Club. We do want to resume operations as safely as possible but also do not want to rush into it. There are many considerations prior to opening and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

We are gearing towards a soft or partial opening on June 14, 2020.

We will open for meetings upstairs only first, then the social area downstairs, then the concession and eventually the kitchen. We will keep you advised as we move forward.

We are enclosing a new agreement of safety protocols for meetings that want to go forward, that are set out by the Government of BC. These are the Enhanced Cleaning Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic for DFO/CCG Custodial Buildings”. This is how we plan to keep members and attendees as safe as possible. We will be leaning heavily on membership, volunteers, and the Board to maintain these standards for the coming weeks.

The kitchen will not open until we have met all the required safety protocols; install the required safety equipment and train staff on new procedures.  We may be able to open a limited concession with volunteers. We will keep you posted.

We would like to ask the Groups and Members what their thoughts are in regard to opening and returning to the club:

What would you like to see in place to feel safe?

Do you feel safe returning to the club?

What is your group conscience?

What is your group willing to do to contribute to the safety of members?

Please review the new safety protocol and if you have questions and/or are ready to resume your live meeting, contact us at

Over the next couple weeks as we prepare for opening, we will be asking for volunteers to help. There will be a sign-up process for volunteering, in order to keep with physical distancing guidelines.

We need help with cleaning the club on June 12th and 13th. These will be 4 hours shifts with dedicated cleaning duties in order of priority. Please BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask!) and email us at or message the Facebook page with your availability and contact information.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible and will continue working towards opening safely and provide the amazing support and fellowship that we are missing so deeply.


Board of Directors

One Way Club Society

Dave, Andrew, Chrissy, Tess, Krys, Merlin, Braydon, Tanyse, and Dani Lee

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact us at for any questions that may not be answered here and we will be happy to add them.

The Club will be sanitized according to the Safety Plan prior to and after any meeting or gathering. People will be expected to sanitize hands upon entry, keep 6 feet apart from others, and wash hands often, especially when using the washroom. Do not bring in outside food at this time, to make this as smooth as possible as groups and gatherings will be required to take their garbage with them. You will be required to take your Starbucks or Tim’s disposable cup with you. Sanitizing of hands will be mandatory upon entry and whenever you touch a surface

The Safety Plan requires that meetings place a volunteer at the entrance to ensure single file entry and exit and to monitor the stairwell and maximum capacity. (30 upstairs)

Sanitizing of hands will be mandatory upon entry. We are mounting a 2-way mirror in the stairwell to assist with safety of navigating the stairs upon entry and exit. Single file with 6 foot physical distance will be required in stairwell and meeting space.

We have arranged the chairs in a safe distance for meetings. We have two formations each with their own color tape: one with chairs facing forward and the other in a circle. There is tape on the floor to mark the proper positions safely. Do not move chairs unless changing formation. The number of chairs is our maximum capacity. The multipurpose room upstairs will be closed, except to accommodate those needing the elevator.

In accordance with Safety Plan, groups will be responsible for sanitizing the meeting room, stairwell bathrooms and all surfaces before and after the meeting. They are responsible for manning the front entrance door for staggered entry and capacity management. At the upstairs entrance, groups are required to take attendance and collect contact information as per BC Government Guidelines, as well as collecting the 7th tradition at the door so the basket is not passed.  Pamphlets and information will have to be kept with the secretary to hand out, so less touching is involved.

*Groups MUST be compliant with the sanitization required for the safety of every person who enters! We do not want anyone to get sick as a result of coming to the club. We must be accountable so we can stay open! *

Currently the hours will remain around meetings that are ready to resume. We will keep you posted as we are able to open up more. On the Facebook page, the Website, and on the front door of the Club we will have a list of meetings that are going live.

The priority is getting the meetings going, then we are working on the social area. In order to have minimal contact with surfaces and to keep our sanitizing at a do-able level. So far we have removed all cloth chairs, puzzles, books, and toys. The pool table has been covered. We will keep you posted as we move forward and have enough volunteers to assist.

Yes, we are in the process of organizing and installing the donated technical equipment to have virtual attendance at meetings. Groups can opt in or out of this service.

Each group is autonomous. A suggestion could be to have a member available for people who cannot enter the building due to capacity guidelines. If the meeting is hybrid, they could assist the person with connecting virtually through the clubs Wi-Fi.

To assist with less touching, it is strongly suggested to take the 7th tradition collection at the upstairs meeting room entrance. It is also suggested that pamphlets be managed by one group member to safely hand out.

Please contact the Board of Directors at  if you would like to purchase literature, and we can meet by appointment only. When we open the social area, with enough volunteers, regular purchases will be available.

Due to the strict Government guidelines, we have a lot of work ahead of us before we are compliant. We are working on all of the necessary protocols and equipment needed to safely open. When that happens, we will start the training of staff on new safety and sanitizing procedures. We will keep you posted.

Meeting Room Set Up:

The Upstairs Large Meeting Room can be set up 2 ways, both of the meeting set ups allow for a maximum of 30 people.

1. The Podium Meeting Set up with the ability to use the Podium and Sound System

2. Meeting in the Round. This will allow some of our meetings to sit in a circle. 

1. Podium Meeting Set Up

1. Meeting in the Round