The One Way Club - About Us

The One Way Club is a registered Charity and Non-Profit Society. We aim to provide a safe and supportive place for people seeking to live a clean and sober lifestyle. It is a sustainable recovery resource providing peer counseling, twelve-step meetings & literature and referrals. We also provide support and fellowship within our cafe and social area. Puzzles, games, billiards, and social events happen regularly.

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values, Our Club:

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Values


“Providing a safe and supportive place for people seeking to live clean and sober”


“A sustainable recovery resource: providing a healthy environment for recovery.”


The governance and operation of the One Way Club is guided by the following values:

Abstinence-based recovery: which is reflected in an alcohol, drug and smoke free environment

Honesty: in all Club communications

Integrity: taking an ethical approach to the Club’s work

Inclusivity: through creating a welcoming positive atmosphere

Dignity and respect: for members, visitors, volunteers and staff

Board accountability and transparency: a commitment amongst Board Directors and with Club members

Innovation: striving to improve and to be open to new ideas no matter where they come from

Membership at the One Way Club:

  • About Our Membership
  • Membership Costs

The One Way Club is granted money from the Province of BC to help cover some of our operational costs. However, it does not cover all the necessary costs to provide everything we need to meet our vision and mission. In addition to ongoing fundraising efforts, we rely on our members to help to offset these costs.

In addition to helping the club stay open, memberships offer advantages. Only members are eligible to vote at the AGM, so they may have a say on what happens at the club.

Membership fees:

Annual individual Rate: $50
3-month membership fees: $15
Annual Family Rate: $75